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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are more efficient than other heating devices because the amount of heat they produce exceeds the amount of electricity they consume.

Even when it is cold outside, a heat pump draws its thermal energy from air, earth or water and uses it to heat your home.

Although the compressor and pumps require electricity to operate, they consume less than the amount of heat they transfer from the outside to the inside. The amount of heat transferred in relation to the amount of electricity consumed depends on the source temperature and the outlet temperature, so it varies constantly throughout the year as the outside temperature changes.

Modern heat pumps are extremely efficient and can significantly reduce energy bills, especially in facilities without access to a gas installation.A well-designed heat pump system transfers up to four times more energy in the form of heat than it needs to produce it.As the heat pump captures heat already present in the environment, the system itself does not burn any fuel and therefore emit no carbon dioxide.Low cost of heating, especially when compared to the ever growing prices of fuels, especially coal or gas. Heat pumps use renewable energy, thanks to which they are part of low-energy or passive houses.

Investing in the installation of a heat pump brings many benefits:

  • Produces more energy than it consumes - energy-saving
  • Heating and hot water from energy stored in air, earth or water
  • It will reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • Perfect for real estate outside the gas network.
  • Maintaining a constant temperature in the rooms
  • Cooling possible
  • Low exploitation costs

Choosing the right size heat pump is key to ensuring the optimal level of comfort. The running costs will depend on how the heat pump is designed and how it is operated.

We are experts in the design and integration of heat pumps and underfloor heating. We know what is needed to provide an efficient system that effectively heats your home while keeping your exploitation costs low.

Whether you need to repair a malfunctioning heat pump or are simply looking for a completely new system, we're here to help you with your decision-making process.

We offer heat pumps for the real estate market and industrial applications.

We work with the best producers of heat pumps in the world.

We have the knowledge to help you install your heat pump efficiently and cost-effectively!