ZECHiK Systems


Below - selected implementations:


Masovian Contemporary Arts Centre "ELEKTROWNIA" in Radom

Norway Embassy in Warsaw

Training Centre for Road Transport Inspection in Radom

ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) Warsaw - Warsaw Wola Inspectorate

Internal Security Agency in Emow - Training Centre

Dormitory of AGH (University of Science and Technology in Krakow)

"Fajny dom" housing development in Krakow

"Fajny dom" housing development - Stage IV in Krakow

Metro Warszawskie sp. z o. o. (Warsaw Underground):

  • Wilczy Dół
  • Underground line I - "Młociny" traffic junction
  • Underground line I - station A23
  • Section A21 "Bielany"; A22 "Wawrzyszew"
  • STB Kabaty facility no. 3A

Chopin Airport in Warsaw - Terminal I

Teatr Stary Theatre in Lublin

Nursing Home in Niemojowice

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland

Concert Hall at Music School in Bielsko-Biała

Notary Chamber in Krakow

Gastronomic and Conference Complex in Opole

District Court in Warsaw

District Court in Starachowice

National Council of the Judiciary in Warsaw

Court of Appeal in Katowice

Marshall’s Office of Małopolskie Voivodeship - administration and office building in Krakow

Order of Franciscan Frias (Ordo Fratrum Minorum) in Krakow

Vocational Training Centre for Customs and Revenue Personnel in Otwock

GUS (Central Statistical Office) in Warsaw

Municipal Office in Tychy

Małopolskie Voivodeship Office in Krakow

Centre of Film Art in Katowice

Police Crisis Management Centre in Wrocław

District Court in Krakow

District Court in Warsaw

Zakłady Usługowe "POŁUDNIE" Sp. z o. o. - repair of historic tenement house "DOM OPIDÓW" in Krakow

Eureka Park I and V - Office spaces in Warsaw

Renaissance Tower - Office spaces in Warsaw

District Court in Warsaw, ul. Kocjana 3

District Prosecutor’s Office in Tarnowskie Góry