ZECHiK Systems

Close control air conditioning

Server rooms, high tech

Server rooms belong to the group of "High Technology" rooms. In these rooms it is required to keep and monitor in a continuous way specific and strict parameters of air. It is extremely important to determine for them optimal distribution "hot aisle - cold aisle".

Our Close Control Air Conditioning Department provides services at highest level. Modernisation of systems in existing server rooms:

  1. Substitution of air conditioning systems with more efficient ones.
  2. Extension of working air conditioning systems.
  3. Improvement of air supply and distribution systems in rooms.

In new-built server rooms and computer rooms:

  1. Help with server room laying out so as to achieve best possible cooling effect.
  2. Selection of an optimal cooling system.
  3. Selection of an adequate air distribution system for a room depending on the type, lay-out and heat-emissivity of process equipment in the designed room.
  4. Professional installation and start-up. Round-the-clock warranty and non-warranty service.

Hospitals, clean rooms

Air conditioning for surgeries and clean rooms.
Zechik implements air conditioning tasks for hospital rooms, laboratory rooms and clean rooms. Here, apart from keeping air temperature and humidity at precisely specified levels, particularly important parameters are: air purity and its flow velocity at simultaneous high share of fresh air.
Both for surgeries and clean rooms we offer solutions, which are designed and made according to the latest European and world requirements. Our systems satisfy the strictest standards, which include:

  • high share of fresh air - up to 100%
  • very thorough filtration H12-H14
  • strict air flow control 
  • laminar or turbulent flow
  • exceptional accuracy in keeping temperature and humidity parameters
  • very short time required to reach air parameters required after the system activation
  • cooling system; direct evaporation or ice water 
  • heat recovery in installations with considerable share of fresh air
  • high leaktightness of equipment and installations
  • high system operation security