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In order to produce ice water – both for air conditioning and process purposes, this appliance can use all types of heat sources, including natural energy, as hot sources and solar energy, and also heat of combustion gas from waste incineration plant, industrial combustion gas heat, heat from cogeneration systems, and many others.
Owing to the possibility to use so diverse energy sources in an effective way, this appliance significantly contributes to improving the efficiency of using available energy. As regards costs, the ADsorption type Ice Water Unit may effectively substitute the Absorption type Ice Water Unit.
Wody Lodowej.

Using an ADsorption chiller allows obtaining the following ecological effects:

  • reduced energy costs and efficient use of its limited resources
  • slowing down of global warming
  • natural environment protection

The SCAD series are energy-saving ice water units using low-parameter hot water.


  • Highly reliable - simple design and easy to operate.
  • Water as cooling medium contains no lithium bromide, freon and/or ammonia. It means: no hazardous leaks, no corrosion, no chemical tests, no lithium bromide change.
  • C.O.P. from 0.67 for Economic Operation Mode (maximum cooling capacity; plenty of hot water is available) to 0.75 for standard operation mode (reaching highest process efficiency at limited volume of input heat). Operation mode is switched by a controller.
  • Stable cold water parameters at wide range of hot water temperature. Hot water temperature range: from 90° C to 67° C (economic range of temperatures).
  • No particular limitations for cooling water. 
  • Lower cooling water temperature - higher cooling capacity of the appliance.
  • Simple and short appliance start-up and stopping.
  • Simple to operate and maintain. Operation with sequentially programmed controller. No qualified personnel required.
  • Designed for continuous operation. Technological processes in industry require cooling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all the year, year after year - this is how Adsorption type Ice Water Unit works.

Output range

  • from 35 to 875 kW of cooling capacity

The producer reserves the right to make changes resulting from modernization and technical improvements to facilities without liability on this account.