ZECHiK Service

ZECHiK Service


We offer support and engineering services at expert level for air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, heating and combined systems. We provide:

  • round-the-clock support 365 days a year throughout the country
  • quick response time after notification (even within 1 hour)
  • periodical service visits  (weekly, monthly, quarterly, other)

Location and partner cooperation:

  • 4 branches:  Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Starachowice
  • permanent cooperation with Zechik Systemy, Zechik Urządzenia
  • permanent cooperation with specialised partner companies and equipment manufacturers 


Basic services:

  • maintenance
  • operation 
  • periodical surveys and measuring
  • emergency repairs
  • delivery of consumables
  • delivery of subassemblies and spare parts
  • support in planning repair and modernisation works
  • keeping operating documentation 
  • waste management, including hazardous wastes
  • supervision of facility automatic monitoring systems 
  • evaluation of energy efficiency for the employed cooling equipment  
  • inspection, cleaning and disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems 

Extra services:

  • air flow measuring and adjustment 
  • flow measuring and adjustment in ice water  systems
  • measurements for protection against electric shock and insulation resistance
  • leaktightness checks for cooling equipment



Air conditioning and ventilation systems:

  • process air conditioning for: 
  • technical rooms (close control air conditioning cabinets and close control air conditioners)
  • rooms with high thermal load density 
  • air conditioning and ventilation for clean-rooms (hygienic air conditioning units and cabinets)
  • specialised air conditioning and ventilation (air handling and air conditioning units)
  • comfort air conditioning and ventilation 
  • split and multi split type air conditioning, vrf systems, air handling units
  • heat pumps type air-to water, air-to-air
  • cooling systems
  • ice water units 
  • ice water units with free-cooling
  • compressor-condensing units 
  • cooling systems based on fan-coil units
  • cooling systems based on chilled beams
  • complex cooling stations and systems

Combined trigeneration systems:

  • combined systems based on ADsorption and absorption chillers (bromolithium, ammonia), compressor chillers
  • combined systems based on gas engines and Diesel engines 
  • combined systems built-in in stationary or mobile systems
  • combined systems in industrial, heating and functional applications 



  • Technological facilities (server rooms, UPS, Data Centre…)
  • Telecommunication facilities 
  • Hospitals and medical facilities (surgeries, treatment rooms…)
  • Industrial plants, production halls 
  • Special-purpose facilities (mines, power plants, petrol stations…)
  • Storage facilities and rooms
  • Central administration facilities and public buildings
  • Commercial facilities (large-format stores, shopping malls)
  • Office buildings, hotels
  • Residential buildings



We are a team of engineers regularly improving qualifications through participation in technical and product training courses, and international and local subject workshops. As a result of this, we can provide services according to the most recent engineering knowledge and currently applicable standards. We also have all necessary authorisations from equipment manufacturers, including CARRIER, TOSHIBA, TECNAIR.
We build and service systems, which vary a lot in their complexity and technological advancement. Our employees have qualifications e.g. in operation and servicing of combined systems or cooling systems containing controlled substances.
Individual approach
We work both in standard and special-purpose facilities. While carrying out service and/or repair works, we can guarantee continuous building functioning, if it is required.
For our customers, who use critical installations, we provide round-the-clock full service 365 days a year. Our standard response time is 8 hours, however on Client’s demand it may be reduced even to 1 hour.
Our service team going to the site is fully equipped with all necessary tools and instruments, and a set of spare parts. Our stock on hand is systematically checked and completed.
As a result wide range of services offered, precision and thoroughness of works performed, our qualifications and culture of cooperation, for 20 years now we have been enjoying confidence and appreciation of a group of our regular Customers.