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Equipment from Tecnair is designed so as to satisfy quality requirements (brand-name components) and technical specifications.
The main objective set by equipment manufacturer is to maximise energy saving. In order to do that, Tecnair has implemented a number of solutions allowing achievement of the objectives, that is:

  • Innovative technology of the DC compressors (with brushless direct-current motor) controlled by an inverter
  • Electronic expansion valve EEV guarantees 25% of savings in energy consumption compared to conventional thermostatic expansion valve
  • Latest generation of fans with brushless electronic motors - EC
  • Fitting electronic fans also in an external condenser
  • The SURVEY microprocessor controller is one of the most advanced available controllers of this type, which keeps continuous control over air treatment processes.

Ecological requirements and market trends extort using solutions characterised by minimal impact on natural environment. Our response to this demand are cabinets with FREE COOLING function. An innovative control algorithm and precise selection of the system components allow energy savings even over 50% compared to a standard direct evaporation system. The AUTOADAPTIVE SETTING function allows choosing an optimal setting for temperature of water leaving dry-cooler. Moreover, it contributes to higher share of condenser fans operation under partial load in most of general unit operation time.

Tecnair LV close control air conditioning cabinets offered by our Company are designed first of all for applications in data centres, server rooms and telephone exchanges, but they can be also used in laboratories, offices, and/or industrial systems.

The appliances are available in versions with direct evaporation, output range 7-96 kW, or versions using ice water and guaranteeing output from 10 to 300 kW.   

Air conditioning cabinets may operate in local network mode, as a group of up to 12 appliances connected, in remote management mode using a dedicated software or cooperation with an external control system - BMS (Building Management System) via the RS485 interface (MODBUS RTU protocol) or dedicated gate operating up to 12 appliances and communication protocols Lonworks FTT10, Bacnet MS/TP, TCP/IP, or TCP/IP Ethernet with an integrated GSM modem.

Our offer includes:

  • close control air conditioning cabinets - P series
  • close control air conditioning cabinets for large server rooms (wall fitting) - G series
  • close control air conditioning cabinets for large server rooms (fitting in series) - R series

"Close Control" precision air conditioning equipment manufactured by Tecnair Lv has received the Eurovent certificate.

Eurovent certification guarantees that products placed on the market and put up for sale are presented correctly. Moreover, Eurovent controls all information contained in catalogues, e.g.:

  • power
  • air flow rate
  • energy consumption
  • noise levels 
  • structural features